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In the creative grooming of animals, master can show all her imagination and create an image of your pet. Of course, such grooming is dividend into preparation for competitions and casual. Grooming for competitions – is complicated hairstyles with multi-level staining, volume haircut and styling with hair spay. For a casual- a more practical haircut accentuated by staining

Coloring is carried out with special dyes designed for animals. They are very safe and very lasting. The procedure usually takes a long time, but do not forget that animals differ from human by restlessness. Therefore while selecting images we want to create you must consider several factors: temperament, size of the animal, the quality and quantity of coat.

Successfully performed, the creative grooming of your pet will lift your spirits and have a long-lasting memory.

Masters of our Pet salon, specially trained, can perform creative grooming and coloring for your pet.


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